Calling Engineers, Physicists, Chemists, and Biologists

Current openings

PhD Studentship

Seeking a Physicist or Engineer.

Closing date of 2 July 2017 (Midnight BST)
Starting date of September 2017

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Seeking a Neuroscientist

Closing date: 16 July 2017 (Midnight BST)
Starting date is flexible

Projects Available

If you have your own funding support or would like to apply to a funding body yourself, contact Dr. James Choi at about which projects are available in the laboratory.

Facilities and Resources

The Laboratory

We've moved into a new laboratory purpose-built for noninvasive surgery and biopsy experiments. We can run a diverse range of experiments:

  • In vivo
  • In vitro (cell cultures) 
  • Phantoms

Core equipment includes:

  • Transducers: 8 single-element transducers (0.5, 1, 5, and 7.5 MHz), A linear imaging array
  • Signal generators, power amplifiers, filters, scopes, etc.
  • Microbubble manufacturing facilities
  • Microscope
  • Experimental water tanks
  • Basic life sciences equipment
Focused ultrasound equipment.

Focused ultrasound equipment.

We work closely with Dr. Mengxing Tang's Ultrasound Imaging Group who has built state-of-the-art facilities in ultrasound imaging.

Department Facilities

We also have access to all shared Department facilities including:

  • Histology Room
  • Tissue Culture Room
  • Microscopy Suite (including confocal microscopy) 
  • Electronics Workshop
  • Machine Workshop